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After listening to more than five hours of testimony, Taylor County Judge Ann Knox Bauer agreed to sentencing recommendations from the State and ordered Kim Hoenisch to spend 18 months in prison and six years on extended supervision following her release.

A special appointed prosecutor, Assistant Attorney General Winn Collins said the sentence was balanced. The state guidelines allow significantly more time behind bars. The state said the case was about crime, and "Anadrol 50" not desire referencing statements made by Kim Hoenisch's friends on Monday who called the addiction a disease.

Friends asked the judge to consider a lighter sentence because she has two young children. The state said there was no doubt that Kim loved her children, but a light sentence just because she has children is moot point. The state said Kim has been abusing prescription meds recently and that love [for her children] wasn't enough [for her to stop].

The first person to take the stand Monday morning was a man who described himself a veteran who suffers from PTSD. The man also said he was a former parolee of Kim Hoenisch as well a victim listed in two the five counts she was convicted of, but said he was actually involved in four of her convictions. told the court Kim Hoenisch had been his probation agent for three years and that his life was Testosterone Propionate 100mg a lot better because she was his probation agent. He said his previous probation officer let him slide, but not Kim. He told the court she put him through hell. said the only true victim in the case is his daughter; who confronted Hoenisch while she was "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" looking for Vicodin in their "Anaboliset Aineet" home last summer. Said he had told Hoenisch he kept his doors unlocked. Monday in court he said, "I take as much responsibility for this as you should [Kim]". Said they've since moved and their house now has a lot more security, so much in fact that he described his home as a compound. ended by saying he still "Anaboliset Aineet" considered Kim a friend.

A second former parolee and victim of Kim Hoenisch's also took the stand in her defense. The woman told the court she had been in a similar situation as to what Kim was in now. Hoenisch would also have to write a letter of apology to the child of one of the victims. The State asked that her sentence begin today.

The defense is asking for no jail time only treatment.

Court documents said while Kim Hoenisch, 41, was employeed as a probation agent she stole Vicodin from probationers while they were taking urine Winstrol E Durateston Ciclo tests during office visits last summer.

The criminal complaint also states she stole Vicodin from one of the probationer's homes Tren 75 Stack in June, stole Vicodin from her cousin's house in October and stole oxycodone from a woman's house in March 2011.

Hoenisch was convicted of misconduct in public office, burglary, possession of narcotic drugs, possess/illegally obtained "buy cheap jintropin online" prescription and possession of controlled substance after she pleaded no contest in January.

Hoenisch is also expected to be charged with battery and disorderly conduct charges after an argument with family member on July 16.

According to an incident report, Hoenisch was asked to leave a relatives home, but when she refused the relative threatened to call police. That's when Hoenisch became combative, according to the report.

Hoenisch left before deputies arrived but she was stopped and arrested in her vehicle a short time later.

Online court records do not show charges have yet been filed in the newest case.

Hoenisch faces a maximum sentence of more than 20 years in prison during Monday's sentencing.

The Wausau Parole agent convicted of stealing drugs from her parolees will have to wait a little longer to find out her sentence as the hearing has been delayed.

Kim Hoenisch was scheduled to be sentenced on April 25, however online court records list a postponed sentencing date as July 1.

A former parole agent accused of burglarizing homes and taking prescription medication from her parolees has pleaded no contest.