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WINDSOR, Ont. Imagine a car that never gets into an accident.

At the University of Windsor, that dream is moving closer to reality thanks to the development of a low cost, anti collision system with the potential to be mass produced and installed in every vehicle on the road.

Led by Sazzadur Chowdhury, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering, a team of researchers is engaged in a project that could transform Windsor's traditional automotive industry into a high tech automotive hub.

"This has tremendous economic potential and has a rapid growth forecast for the coming years," Billig Generisk Cialis said Chowdhury. "The revolution is coming to the auto industry."

Once touted as the automotive capital of Canada, Windsor, over the last two decades, has been relinquishing tens of thousands of assembly and auto parts jobs to lower cost jurisdictions, such as China and Mexico. While it's likely those jobs are permanently lost, the region isn't about to give up on the auto sector, says Peter Frise, CEO and scientific director of Auto21.

"It's not about moving away from manufacturing," said Frise. "It's about making sure that the manufacturing we do is more competitive and more valuable and we can charge a premium for our product because this is a fairly high cost place to do business.

"That kind of manufacturing is supported by research and development."

Headquartered at the University of Windsor, Auto21 a network of universities across Canada has been driving automotive research over the last decade. Projects have focused on everything from lightweight materials, alternative powertrains to injury prevention.

"The idea," said Frise "is to make the safest possible car that uses the least amount of energy and can be built at the lowest possible cost."

Engineers and computer scientists are among the jobs that are created through the implementation of new technologies, he added. "I think it's likely you'll see growth in R "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" and D product development," he said. "The growth of employment in the auto industry is not likely to be assembly line jobs, but likely to be in engineering and research jobs."

A 2010 study by the Center for Automotive Research in Ann Arbor, Mich, examined the impact of 62 Auto21 research projects. It Cialis 10 Mg Goedkoop showed that those projects led to the creation of 3,800 "highly qualified jobs" across the country. Auto21 has also partnered with industry a key component to ensuring that what takes place in the lab finds its way into the factory and marketplace.

Such academic private sector partnerships were instrumental in helping to secure a future for Windsor's Nemak auto parts plant, which had been slated for permanent closure in November with the cessation of production of Ford's Duratech engine.

Over the last 10 years, research conducted at the University of Windsor and other Auto21 schools, helped Nemak Canada develop a more efficient heat treatment process for aluminum engine blocks.

"We developed the first aluminum engine block made by using the electromagnetic pump," said Robert MacKay, metallurgical and heat treat specialist at Nemak and adjunct professor at the University of Windsor. "Previously, engine blocks were made by a gravity based process, pouring metal into a mould. Using a pump, which draws the metal in from the furnace, eliminates any splashing. This site pioneered that technology. You have a more quiescence, liquid metal fill of the mould. If it happens slowly, you don't get all that splashing, and you end up with a higher quality part."

Last fall, after securing a lucrative General Motors contract, Nemak announced it would spend $8 million retooling the Windsor operation. The announcement not only saved the jobs of at least 240 workers, but included plans for an additional 40, who will produce aluminum cylinder blocks for the next generation of GM's Ecotec four cylinder engine and V 6 engine.

These days, MacKay's research internally and externally with Auto21 universities is focused on building the next generation of aluminum engine blocks.

"Higher fuel efficiency standards are putting more demands on engine blocks," said MacKay. "There's going to be a drive to make block walls thinner, to make them even lighter," he said. "Being able to reach the next echelon in casting products will help us get more business."

Chowdhury's anti collision system has attracted the attention of major auto companies, such as Toyota North America and Magna Electronics.

Two devices one that assists with blind spots and parking and another which Buy Cialis Switzerland helps your vehicle avoid collisions will "create a safety shell for the vehicle," said Chowdhury.

While anti collision devices are currently available in such luxury brands as Mercedes, Volvo and Lexus, they add thousands of dollars to the cost of each car. Chowdhury said his technology would add only about $200 and weigh considerably less.

"The device is superior in architecture and can out perform the current state of the art Bosch/Infineon LRR3 (third generation long range radar) in performance and cost," he said. "It's the smallest in the world."

He hopes that a manufacturer will buy the rights to the technology and build a manufacturing facility locally.

"While heavy industry is going down, demand for microelectronic parts is skyrocketing," he said. Within two to three years, 35 per cent of a vehicle's total cost will come from microelectronics, such as sensors, micro controllers and micro computers, he added.

"This is a radar that could be used in all vehicles; it could be commercialized to any automakers around the world," said Chowdhury. "So, if we could manufacture this radar or ultrasonic parking assist here, it would create a high tech base for Windsor and Essex County. This would be a "Anabolika Definition" good opportunity for Windsor Essex to switch from conventional assembly to high tech components of vehicles."

"That would create a huge economical benefit."University of Windsor researchers have the drive to make yours better

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