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Prior to her marriage to Daniel Laws Pardue of Troy, Jamie Glenn Caudle of Union City was the inspiration for several lovely parties.

Among them was the Pardue Family Farm picnic, held at the Pardue home place in the Mount Moriah community near Troy. The farm, which has been in the Pardue family for six generations, was the homeplace of the groom grandfather, the late Robert V. Pardue, and his great grandparents, the late Virgil S. and Lucille Pardue.

Hosts for the party were Keith and Debbie (Corum) Pardue of Almo, Ky., and their children and granddaughter, Jennifer (Pardue) and Derek Plummer and their daughter, Aubrey, of Collierville; and James Andrew Pardue of California. Keith Pardue is a first cousin to the groom father, Robert Pardue of Troy.

A banner congratulating the bridal couple hung on the backyard fence overlooking the rolling hills of the farm. Guests were greeted by the Pardue family in the shady backyard of the home at a register table made by the late Virgil Pardue. The guest register was actually a Betty Crocker cookbook, which was later presented to the couple. A framed engagement photo, an arrangement of sunflowers in a tin container similar to several others scattered around the outdoor party area and mementos related to the couple were all placed on the antique table.

Guests received old fashioned paddle fans from Aubrey "Anadrol 50" Plummer. The fans were displayed in a bushel basket once used to gather vegetables on the farm.

A white wedding tent provided shady seating for guests, who enjoyed getting to know each other during the late afternoon picnic. Tables under the tent were draped with blue and white Testosterone Enanthate Vs Trenbolone Acetate checked cloths and each featured centerpieces of tin drinking cups filled with bouquets of sunflowers.

A memorabilia table was placed at one end of the tent for guests to enjoy browsing over. Next to it was a rustic hors d table fashioned from an old farmhouse door positioned over sawhorses. Guests enjoyed viewing the family photos and heirlooms while they munched on eyes, pinwheels, sausage "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" balls, toothpick sandwiches and fresh fruit that was heaped in a carved watermelon basket.

Anne (Corum) Graves and Laurie (Corum) Kirkland, sisters of the hostess from Union City, served fresh lemonade.

Bales of straw draped with colorful quilts were scattered around the yard and guests took their places on them to watch the couple open their gifts at the close of the day.

A bountiful southern style picnic was offered buffet style under the backyard maple trees. The trees were ringed with ice cold watermelons and buckets of homemade ice cream, which were served after the main portion "Anaboliset Aineet" of the meal. Guests were also encouraged to take the watermelons home for snacking later.

The meal included barbecue and "Anaboliset Aineet" ribs with all the trimmings, cooked to perfection by Bob and Letha Revis of Hornbeak. The host prepared the delicious homemade ice cream, which made a wonderful addition to the fresh, fried peach pies Testosterone Cypionate U.S.P and French vanilla iced sugar cookies in the shape of Winstrol Tablets Price egg baskets and watermelon slices.

Antique washtubs used in earlier days by the groom elect great grandparents held iced bottles of water and miniature Baby watermelons for the children.

Those attending also enjoyed "buy cheap jintropin online" playing old fashioned games such as horseshoes and the youngest guests had fun in the special inflated bounce houses provided by the hosts. The strains of country music were the perfect backdrop for the event.

Throughout the evening, a peaceful agrarian setting and a beautiful sunset recalled other happy family times at the farm and reminded the bridal couple of the wonderful heritage their new family would enjoy.

Troy UMC tea

The ladies of Troy United Methodist Church hosted a lovely gift tea in the congregation family life center shortly before the couple late July wedding.

The gift table, serving tables and guest tables were draped with beautiful white lace over soft pink linen. Centerpieces featured clear globes with scattered votives and sweet scented candle chips. Silver and crystal appointments were used on the serving table. Caudle, all of Union City. Guests were the feminine attendants in the wedding.

The party took place in the Rogers home, where guests enjoyed discussing the wedding and opening gifts as they shared a potluck meal around the pool. Caudle, all of Union City; Erica Martin of Memphis; and Melissa Uniao of Covington, Ga.

The gift table was draped with a heavy white embroidered open lacework cloth.

Guests were seated at individual tables draped in white linen and centered with bud vases with mixed blossoms.

Vanilla cake squares with champagne frosting detailed with the letter in black scroll icing, sparkling citrus fruit punch, nuts and mints were served from silver and crystal appointments at the Sunday afternoon event. A large floral arrangement centered the food table.